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Precocious 6 -year-old girl to vacation leave for three consecut

Chen Ruimin hospital doctors said, as the little girl so precocious puberty caused by disease, the number of many, even on the patient experienced three cases of menstrual age of four.
reduce the impact of adult film - a lot of parents see their children imitating romance movies and television, you'll find somebody, was fun. Although the medical profession on the Therefore, experts advise parents to pay attention or demeanor in front of children.
doctors Weapon:
less herbs into the soup - especially in the South family, useful for a variety of herbal soup habits. What Codonopsis, Astragalus, Angelica, etc., are essential materials soup. But these kinds of herbs, it is inevitable contains a similar hormone-like substances, kids and adults were drinking a pot of soup, over time will have an impact.

seen precocious puberty, precocious not seen as such
or two before the age of head Mengcuan, called precocious puberty.
seen precocious children, but have you seen 6-year-old girl to the period three months?
avoid obesity - but there is a consensus in the international academic community has, indeed over-nutrition will lead to early development. University of Michigan Mott Children's Hospital study found that some 3 years old girl fat than their peers, the next three years if the weight continued to increase, they will appear precocious puberty symptoms, such as 9 may begin before the age of breast development . High-calorie foods fried chicken, plus indulge in television and the Internet to reduce outdoor activities, these are the reasons for the city child obesity.
how to distinguish the normal development of children is caused by precocious puberty or early development, That so many parents find it difficult to grasp.

in the growth and development center, Ms. Xu also saw a more serious condition than her daughter's little girl: just on the 6-year-old kindergarten children, has three months to the period!

because children of different body weight, injection of the injection volume is often not a whole branch. And a price of more than nineteen hundred drugs, so many parents choose low, but it has been maintained at more than a hundred or so, so have the conditions

Chen Ruimin Director also reminded parents to the growth and development of specialist treatment is very important. Like Ms. Xu, as children usually see a doctor to doctor, or to the child-care department visits, we can not guarantee the accuracy of inspection.
sleep Do not turn on the lights - turn on the lights when you sleep can also cause precocious puberty although it has not been confirmed Nike Free run for men, but the dark and light conditions, the hormone secretion is indeed different. Therefore, the lights from the child as a child develop the habit of sleep, improper owl, is necessary to hedge against the means.
not free to use supplements - that it seems to be common sense. But Chen Ruimin, director still often see some very wealthy families, said his own children and weak, give him to eat ginseng, pollen, chrysalis, caterpillar fungus, Hashima, royal jelly, and so supplements containing hormone-like substances.

only know through chat, this little girl from the field in rural areas, began six months ago, breast development cheap Nike Free run 2, the parents thought it was fat. 3 months ago, the little girl lower body bleeding, my mother thought the child Kepo fun. Consecutive months are so, This feeling is not normal, with her daughter to the hospital.

how to avoid precocious puberty
the reporter Zhu Lin wind
although some precocious puberty is caused due to certain diseases, such as ovarian disease or a brain tumor. But Chen Ruimin cheap Nike Free 7.0, director still found an interesting phenomenon, for the medical treatment of precocious children, many of the family all came off. And look at short stature children, was born in a greater chance of poor families. This also shows that from one side, a considerable part of the child's precocious puberty can be achieved through changes in diet and living environment and avoid or improve.

heard carpool, heard of spell-pin
Chen Ruimin director, said the child because of a McCune-Albright syndrome, a disease caused by precocious puberty. Because the disease causes of precocious children, three-year-old also experienced menstruation. Although the number of people a lot of these kids, but due to developmental problems in the treatment of patients come in only to a small part.

As for the girls, menarche, the boy appeared Adam's apple, are to appear in the subsequent sexual characteristics. Parents should find the child when breast or testicular development, timely treatment, the rest of the matter to the doctor.
yesterday, Children's Hospital in Fuzhou, there is such a case.
girls breast development occurs before the age of 8, 9-year-old boy appeared before the testis is precocious puberty
to buy food to be careful - although doctors can not get accurate information, but some agricultural products containing hormone-like substances can not be ruled. Therefore, parents in the purchase of food, they still need to be careful.

how to determine children with precocious puberty

7 o'clock yesterday morning, Ms. Xu Fuzhou, with 8-year-old daughter to Children's hospital, treatment of precocious puberty, a shot almost at 1 o'clock. Ms. Xu played the daughter of the needle, the children of precocious puberty is the only part of the treatment, injected once a month, at least adhere to two years.

until 2002 before the establishment of growth centers, the number of visits is very fragmented. Beginning in 2002, after a fairly standard statistical counting of cases, about three thousand five hundred cases of patient admissions, but also showed an upward trend year after year. (Because doctors meet some of the surface of the concrete is still the interview data Zhu, edit the contact with the Zhu - Lin Mei-hua)

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4 layers with the town government office building to be cost 160

We think that this does not meet the government agencies take the lead in emission reduction requirements. layer), not high, there is no need to install the elevator.
claimed to be responsible for the construction of the building is the site to the southwest corner Wangmou the correspondent, where a dozen large wooden boxes stacked, puffing on a box, side of the paper is also close to the ship logo, the above is and so on.
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Luan Shi Qiaozhen government multi-storey office building under construction, according to plan, this building the main building only 4 layers. This building multi-storey buildings can be actually in the building, leaving the elevator, and now also purchase even elevator back. Local residents, and government to promote this culture of energy conservation does not match.

mayor said the elevator will be sold
the reporter Douzu Jun photo coverage

correspondent found the afternoon of 22 government office buildings under construction Shiqiao Zhen, the main building has been completed Nike Free 7.0 blue, tiles and other interior materials piled downstairs. Reporters saw buildings in the northeast corner of the entrance hall there is a reserved elevator, the elevator has not loaded.
4 story office building with elevator to

Shiqiao Zhen Yan explained that following the text of the mayor, the town party committee and government of 47 office staff, office building is now used almost 20 years old the very old, so at a higher level approval of the construction area of ??4,000 square meters of new office space, including the main office and other ancillary buildings and facilities, cost of 4.04 million, Then consider spending too much on the canceled when the elevator did not pay attention to engage, lift price of $ 160 Nike Free Tr men,000. Wen told reporters that the mayor, the town has a development project built a 7-story building, the town decided the present study in consultation with the developer mens Nike Free 5.0 V4, plans to sell to the developer of this elevator.
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Elevator has purchased, but not installed.

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2 annual salary of 500,000 yuan men give up work to mountain chi

20 years ago in order to find the smell of chicken, both of Shanghai decided to resign, and built a chicken farm in the mountains of Fujian. They have lived in the mountains of Fujian 120 days, just two days before the first slaughter of more than 2,000 chickens.
speech paid to find some chicken that tastes
A few days work, they adopted the original Intel colleagues, friends circle, Che Youhui, etc., have sold more than 300 only, Ningbo is also a point of sale to sell more than 50 only two days have been a lot of repeat customers.
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LONDON October 31 news: According to This two chicken shop owner, a few months ago was a senior engineer at Intel, who held 500,000 annual salary, living a

starting from October 20, Li Ye and Qin Chao returned to Shanghai and selling chickens, the price per bird up to 130 million. Across the farms where they store and sold a chicken 30 yuan. Then you can sell chicken?
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from May this year, Li Ye, Qin ultra running around, choose the venue. Finally, they chose the Fujian mountains, surrounded by mountains, the middle of a reservoir, the chickens are selected Fujian Nanping young chicken. white rice, steamed rice-ray machine to buy a 2, a 6-cell, and the other a 12 grid. Steamed rice to use out of a 100 kg bag of rice mens nike free 5.0, 400 pounds of steamed rice every day. Not a month, Ye Li get the first lesson, eat white rice, chicken growth retardation. They will be divided into several groups of chicken, white rice in the mix at 5%, 10%, 15% corn, soybeans, fish meal and other accessories, and then choose an optimum ratio. Meanwhile, in order to increase the resistance of the chicken, the chicken they could be given medicines to avoid and replace them with Codonopsis Nike Free run 2 for women, astragalus, angelica and other herbs mixed in the feed.

Li Ye, Qin Chao's chicken farm in the mountains of Fujian, the nearest village of Wang Yuan Tsai a 1.5 km. However, daily life in the mountains of Qin Chao own entertainment: daily 7:00, he put the chicken came out, and then move a small bench, in an abandoned reservoir fishing, watching the mountain chicken run. Occasionally played with the wild boar hunting, he can play sumptuous meal. a storm. Although parents did not object, but still do not quite understand. He said, now feel safe to eat anything, especially the chicken Nike Free Tr Fit, the taste did not eat before. Fear of hormones, many of my friends are afraid for their children to eat chicken. So, he wanted to find out 20 years ago that some kind of chicken flavor. Finally, Li Ye, Qin Chao and the other two friends invested a total of 100 million, decided to do an eco-farm, the first step is to chicken.

from the chicks grow slowly until the chicken slaughter, it took 120 days, and Qin Li Ye are the mountains of life over four months.
chickens eat white rice + Chinese herbal medicine
Qin Chao said: scattered chickens have 70 yuan a -100 million. of high quality.
130 yuan a chicken, claiming to be selling to worry about

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Street nurses to do artificial respiration for the elderly drown

man wearing red shorts and still dripping water, but the old man rescued from the river and has been involved in the rescue keep on the side, the crowd also heard cries for help immediately flocked to the scene, everyone rescue efforts to no avail, and finally, the screen appears the blue after the triggering of attention girl.

This is a choice, perhaps a few of us will encounter: When drowning in elderly people were rescued from the river, covered with water, he has severe coma, this When you are around if the election is to play 120 first-aid? 110 requests for assistance to fight? Or cry out or push for drowning heart? Recently, an article entitled .

someone to say, drowning Jiaoren worried, but the critical moment, we stand in the hearts of blue girl, but like a hero, people have to remember a blue girl.
later, he instinctively stood to the side, first aid, from time to time there will be a small amount of water from his mouth, the blue girl squeezed into the crowd, quickly throw the bag on one side, quickly see the heartbeat and the elderly drowning the pupil, under the body for the elderly on the mouth to mouth artificial respiration. to the old man's eyes slightly open, but the situation is not good cheap Nike Free 7.0, >
While trying to rescue the girl in Blue, the 120 emergency personnel quickly arrived at ground zero, on one side, watched the old man was carried until the departure of the ambulance, p>

the city moved to

find the girl
when many residents have joined the rescue operation to the elderly, He thought that the blue girl is elderly relatives, leave, quickly stepped forward to ask, blue girl drowning said he and the elderly do not know, just passing time of the incident here, and do not want to disclose their identity.

blue girl who is? Rescued the elderly left many witnesses at the time began trying to find the answer, very excited, after the incident, she has repeatedly media phone calls, hoping to get help to find the time to stand up to the blue girl. Impatiens said to the rescue of the elderly people in the neighborhood near the heart like a hero, especially blue girl, also was impressive behavior.
quickly, emergency, fell to his knees to do their counterparts in the old population of blue artificial respiration focus girls become friends, and everyone praised at the same time, girls have to want to learn the identity.

blue girl to do artificial respiration
7 27, witnessed the entire incident, the whole process of the rescue people drowning elderly users will upload pictures to the network , and soon fell to his knees for the drowning of the old artificial respiration of attention caused by the Girl in Blue, known as

post to the poster scene was being shot under the moving picture of this group of people Xiong Kelin Nike Free Tr men, he said, the old man picked up by ambulance after he had pay attention to the blue girl , intend to see her out of the crowd left quietly, he had to catch up on the girl, tried to ask her identity.

After the incident, people have been on the identity of the Girl in Blue speculation, it was said to be teachers, some people say is the summer home of the students, but blue girl on the rescue of a doctor, says that was to be recognized by many users. July 28, there were clues to be found under the relevant local media Youyang County People's Hospital, hoping to help find a blue girl, in recognition of the network to upload photos of girls in blue, the hospital said the girl may be the hospital's nurses Yu Shuhua .

Carter who call for help, rushed to the scene with a total Chaowen a snack shop owner near the splash jump into the water, in efforts to save the old man on the shore.

regret that Dr. Lo, the elderly drowning too long, eventually He died passed away.

Subsequently, Yu Shuhua said that there are patients in need of care themselves, hastily ended the call.

One, he said, a middle-aged man dressed in white walked quickly beside the elderly, man then quickly closed chest cardiac massage and the use of the way first aid for the elderly,

Unfortunately, that someone said, ;

7 27 evening, that someone will be titled photographs of scenes strung together touched many people, then, many users quickly posted, and trigger a network hot.
where sections of the nurse, according to Yu Shuhua Dong Yuhua introduction, Yu Shuhua from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Yongchuan Campus graduate, to work only a few months, the hospital many of my colleagues do not know her, but her work is extremely responsible, technology is more excellent, very good performance.
Video: Nurses talk about the drowning, said the elderly want to do artificial respiration rescue Source: Sina podcast
Yu Shuhua home July 27 after he had been three times called to ask drowning situation.

picture, the young blue girl into the middle of the crowd, legs knees, mouth to mouth artificial respiration of drowning for the elderly Nike Free 3.0 blue, the crowd's attention, the blue girl and later using the closed chest cardiac massage Tests showed he needed old way of trying, finally, 110,120 have arrived on the scene quickly, blue girls, the elderly to 120 emergency personnel, the eyes anxiously watched the old man to leave.
drowning old life on the line

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Norwegian heavy metal musical youth put scare four wolves

this approach is clearly effective , wolves cheap Nike Free run, Walter also calm and said Nike Free run for men, when he chose the heavy metal band Creed 's music
BEIJING Nike Free 7.0 women, Jan. 23 , according to Taiwan's phone volume to maximum , playing heavy metal music to listen to the wolves , the results really effective! 4 Wolf listened constantly shaking his head , turned around and bunk .
Walter said in an interview , he thought it was the neighbors started raising a dog , only to find they have a close look at the do not turn and run ! this will only provoke wild wolf .

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